About us

Kinamot nga Buhat, a jewelry label born and bred in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines, means "handmade" in English. It started with the childhood tinkering of Danika Christyn C. Astilla-Magoncia, the company's head jewelry designer. It grew with the support and encouragement of family and friends who want to give back to their home city/province. A collective effort was made to develop a brand that supports labor welfare for marginalized workers in Tacloban City, Leyte.

Kinamot nga Buhat pieces strive to mirror the Waray aesthetic and psyche. Inspiration from designs come from everyday local things like Linara nga Banig, or the Woven Mat. All our pieces are handmade by our partner-workers, and each are unique in their own way. Sales of our products help provide labor-fair and sustainable jobs to our partner-workers.



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